Posted by: grizzledwarrior27 | August 17, 2010

Adapt and overcome

Your joints are strongest when gravity pulls them together and not apart. That’s why doing pushups on your knuckles is easier on your wrists. Standing with your knees bend but not locked is more stable. Typing with your hands naturally curved can save you from carpel tunnel syndrome. And so on.

This isn’t just useful when you don’t want to hurt yourself. It keeps you moving when you’re already injured.

This week I showed up for my rank test with my left ankle swollen to the size of a grapefruit, courtesy of a 6-mile hike in the Santa Cruz mountains, the root of  a large redwood tree, and my own carelessness.

The teacher went into a useful speech about how you need to constantly adapt to your injuries on the battlefield.

“You’re supposed to use your feet when you fight,” he said, “but someday you’ll have to fight when you can’t use your feet. Let’s work with this.”

He showed me a few adaptations of the kata I was supposed to perform. The gist of it was driving from my heel instead of the balls of my feet. This is where the bones connect, and your heel can easily support your weight even if your ankle is badly injured.

I got the rank, and better yet I can kick ass even if my own ass has already been kicked.

I’m still not sure whether life is a dojo or a battlefield. but either way, if you’re a warrior you’re going to take a hit every now and then. Don’t let it stop you.